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A Unique Background

In contrast to other national title providers, Attorneys’ Title Services organically developed from a mortgage and lending law firm. We have a legal background that gives us the authority and credibility when issuing title insurance, checking titles for defects, and providing escrow services. Federal regulations change from time to time and closing requirements are different for every state. With the background that we have, we are tactically positioned to avoid roadblocks and to provide legal consultation when needed. We work hand in hand with developers who have difficult construction projects and we supply lenders and realtors with complete title insurance and escrow services from all over the United States, taking into consideration the different local rules and regulations.

A Title & Settlement Provider with a Different Approach

It is common knowledge that national title providers aim to lessen the stress of the closing process for all of their clients however, only a certain number of these providers have broadened their geographic reach and maximized the recent developments in technology the way that we, Attorneys’ Title Services, have.

Hassle-free Communication

It’s common knowledge that a lot of parties are involved when processing real estate transactions, even if the process is something as basic and simple as a residential sale. We have put ourselves in a position where all communication lines between home buyers, mortgage companies, and realtors will go through us and will always be open. One of our online services features an ordering system that tracks and confirms the receipt of title orders and contracts within a day. Through this service, our clients are assured that they are complying with the regulations of the CFPB.

Charles R. Wood, Esq., LTA.

Managing Partner / Co-Founder

Robert A. Erdman, Esq., LTA.

Commercial Closing Operations Manager

T. Hunter Reed, Esq.

Residential Closing Operations Manager



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